Abusive Cycle of Politics and Voting.

These are just a few incomplete thoughts from the general election that occurred in December. I’m trying to get out of the habit of leaving stuff in draft on this blog and that means sometimes the posts will be rough around the edges. But anyway, for the last couple of years I’ve watched as various politicians from Labour, the Green Party and the Lib Dem parties have helped to fuel the misogyny within the gender debate. From the Green Party’s ‘non-men’ comment when describing women, to the Labour Party appointing a 19 year old boy as women’s officer and everything in between. There has been a level of ridiculous I never expected to see from professionals who are supposed to act as representatives for the general public.

I became acutely aware of my own insecurity and doubt in November as I questioned, yet again, my own feelings about the political landscape that lay in front of me. The effects of two years of gaslighting I’ve recieved through bombardment of those who chanted TWAW and reiterated time and again that women like me had no right to demand to keep men out of the changing rooms, or the toilets or that I had no right to say no to an intimate exam performed by a man or I had no right to protest the presence of a dangerous male in a womans’ prison. And then there’s the kids – affirmation without question despite the evidence. And then there’s the queer theory with appears to have taken root in all institutions and organisations. There’s just so much caught up in all of this and so many Labour politicians have been absolutely insistent that there is nothing to see here folks just a bunch of nasty women spewing hatred…

So, yeah, I’m actually in a place where I’m questioning if I’ve managed to get PTSD from engaging in this battle. Seriously. But anyway, it led to further thoughts after the release of the manifesto. Women were doing backflips and many were claiming victory that there was a promise to uphold women’s sex-based protections and spaces. However – It’s only two pages later that same manifesto expresses a commitment to self-id.

Obviously there were more than a handful of women who weren’t falling for it. There’s been a low level of conflict between those who want Labour at the helm and those who would rather not behave like the proverbial turkey voting for Christmas. The dynamic of abuse I am well aware of is you’re treated like shit, maybe hit or verbally abused, you get a gift and tell yourself it wasn’t that bad…the gift doesn’t undo any of the damage but it’s an acknowledgement of guilt and says he won’t do it again. But he’s got his fingers crossed behind his back and you didn’t actually need the gift – you’d rather have received something else. More often than not you’d rather they didn’t hurt you in the first place. You know nothing has changed. You know it’s going to happen again and you know that next time it might even be worse. But there were women actively trying to denigrate other women for saying they still couldn’t vote Labour because of their actions and the lack of clarity, or batting for both sides, or the fact they were clearly riddled with wokeness or whatever else. Women who were actively behaving like the proverbial battered spouse who goes back time and time again despite the glaringly obvious red flags. And don’t even get me started on the fucking blame that got thrown about after they lost the election.

So, political engagement.. is it an inherently abusive practice? Or is it just the Labour party? Did they really think they could behave so fucking atrociously and that women would vote for them en masse just because they identify more with left-wing ideals than the right?

The Tories didn’t give any mention at all to women nor trans people. This could be symbolic in that it doesn’t consider either group to be worthy of a mention or it may be that they’ve noticed the UK is rejecting identity politics on a major scale and it’s simply safer to avoid the issue altogether.

Many of the welfare system early supporters made no secret of the fact they were also fans of eugenics. Controls on the lower classes reproductive capabilities were evident in the American establishment of Planned Parenthood – one of who was a friend and lover of British writer H.G Wells. He made no secret of his views. For the record I fully support the right of a woman to legally terminate a pregnancy for whatever reason. Those socialists of old didn’t want the poor people procreating and even today we see a surprising number of so-called left-wingers who advocate for population control. It ain’t the educated women they’re directing this at because we know from statistics that educated women are more likely to have fewer children. But anyway…

I’m beginning to think the left is, and always has been, a toxic threat to those who are most vulnerable in this country. Maybe the right is too – but my attention has been on the left because that’s where I’ve generally sat.

I’d rather stay on the fringes and assign myself to tactical voting. Labour didn’t get my vote this time and it’s unlikely they’ll be getting it for the next decade. Earlier indicators suggest they’re still not listening and I’ve neither the time nor inclination to keep shouting in their direction. Change never comes from the inside, it’s always occurs when a new element is introduced. All those people hoping to affect changes from inside the party – ain’t gonna happen.

What a fucking mess.

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