Notes on The Denial of Death

When I first read The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker a few years ago, I was blown away by it. I loved his style as much as what he was saying. This second read-through is being done with a more discerning eye. Well, I’m adding a shit-load more critical thought although probably nowhere near enough. It seems appropriate that I start to write up these notes after receiving word that my older sister has passed away from stomach cancer during the last day or so. We weren’t close because of circumstance, so I have no hefty amount of emotional processing to do, but it has enough impact to provoke thoughts about mortality in general, and maybe more importantly, thoughts about not putting things off. I’d known about her illness for a couple of months and wondered about getting in touch with her; but then my own life events took over as they so often do and I figured I’d see where I was at in the new year….that I would then find the time to communicate…but she didn’t have time….

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