Stonewall Still Lying

After rumours emerged that the government plans to officially scrap self-id, the usual suspects increased their volume of outrage and simply doubled down on existing rhetoric. The problem here is that Stonewall is the major L,G, B charity in the UK and has considerable influence over many schools, colleges, and other organisations that are in direct contact with women, children, and other vulnerable adults. Link to full tweet.

Trans people have NO legal right to access single-sex spaces in line with the gender they identify with. The claim by Stonewall is absolute nonsense and they know this to be true because it has been pointed out repeatedly for the last three years on an almost daily basis. The government has clear guidelines on how charities can operate and Stonewall are clearly in breach of existing rules. The official complaints procedure can be found on the website.

Examples of serious issues include:

  • a charity not following the law, with damaging consequences to its reputation and public trust in charities generally

The reputation of Stonewall was irreparably damaged a long time ago. It lost the trust of the people it was set up to help and protect. There’s plenty of evidence of the hatred levied at lesbians in particular. Such is the level of mistrust towards Stonewall of L,G,B people in the UK, an alternative group has been established to give support to those who are currently affected by Stonewall’s refusal to acknowledge biological sex. The LGB Alliance has come into existence to protect the rights of the LGB because Stonewall refuse to follow its own original aims. What does it say about a leading charity when the people it’s designed to protect feel abandoned?

  • serious harm to the people the charity helps or other people who come into contact with the charity through its work

I haven’t the time to be linking receipts here but will refer instead to the work of the LGB Alliance. Lesbians and gays being told they can’t decide who to be in a relationship with on the basis of biological sex is an outrageously homophobic thing to suggest. However, the harm doesn’t stop here, telling men they can access women’s spaces is dangerous to all women, irrespective of sexual orientation.

According the the link, charities can be reported but procedure requests that the charity is approached in the first instance. If you have time on your hands you can contact Stonewall and lodge your complaint. It can then be followed up with a direct complaint to the Charity Commission because they’re not doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Stonewall is clearly NOT a charity that is supporting lesbians and gays.

Stonewall contact details

188-192 St. John Street


Its charity number is 1101255.

To add insult to injury in this hugely embarrassing and dangerous campaign to promote the sexual proclivities of predominantly heterosexual men; the ex CEO of Stonewall, who not only allowed but encouraged the campaign to gain strength, is now sat in the House of Lords. One has to wonder how such a person could possibly be considered suitable for such a role after displaying such a willful disregard for the law.

Stonewall needs to be stripped of its charitable status and all UK organisations relying on guidelines published by Stonewall should be subject to immediate assessment and/or clarification from local councils. Stonewall’s deliberate misinterpretation of the law has a direct bearing on safeguarding policies that keep women and children safe from physical harm.

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