Nope. Not a typo fer twerking. Tweaking.

Recent disappointments have led to an inevitable reexamination of focus and what role I actually want to play in the trans debate. I may, or may not, talk about the specifics of those disappointments in coming weeks but right now, my consideration has to be given to how much of my focus is given to supporting Trans-identified Males.

There is some discussion taking place on Spinster concerning the voices of those who are left behind in the discussion. Namely, the so-called trans-widows. Not all who fall under the trans umbrella are heterosexual but the vast majority of them these days, especially the ones who are vocal, are. If I give anyone a voice, it needs to be the women left in the rubble of this incredibly destructive ideology.

I’ve never had much of a problem when accepting I can be misguided at times and I feel this is one of those times where I probably need to hold my hand up and say I got it wrong. I made no secret my original curiosity stemmed from an interest in identity and all it encapsulates. I didn’t come into the debate with an opinion one way or the other and neither did I enter being on the side of any particular stance. I found it far too easy to be swept up in the arguments which were already raging. Found it easy to support the more balanced of the TiM’s who were already vocal and easy to support the women who were experiencing a huge amount of abuse from the trans-rights activists.

Elsewhere in life, I’ve made the decision to take a study break. I’ve too many personal issues affecting my ability to focus. I did think I was probably pushing it because I’ve too much on my plate right now. I am a little upset about it. Actually, I was a lot upset about it. But despite my inclination towards living in my head, I’m still a realist when it comes to dealing with the daily grind. I wanted to do well, not just scrape through… and I don’t have the security nor support I need to do well. I’m sure know there are thousands of women, and men, in the same position. I still have enough time to nail an MA before I’m fifty and I can still move to a better place in a couple of years when the youngest starts college. But for now – I need to do me, and I need to focus on writing and whatever else life throws at me.

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