Lisa M

Demands of self id now

I wish you hadn’t put your blog on private. I was enjoying reading that. And not just the recent stuff…I’d gone all the way back to the beginning. But anyway. . .

  • that abusive behaviour remain unspoken
  • that women be prevented from discussing equality legislation and safeguarding
  • that women be prevented from saying they wont stand with a fascist
  • that women pretend Labour opposed policies they could not have opposed.

Lisa M sometimes makes videos and sometimes writes a blog. She has a background in social work. Is northern. And has good insight into the system. I wanted to do a full post on the above but I can’t because I’ve lost the context. I’d made a copy of the key points so I didn’t forget. I know that it relates to the online activism and I copied the points because I could see they were true. Especially the first and third. I can confirm the first and third because I’ve experienced it first-hand.

Nothing else to say… but a suggestion for you all to pay more attention and get ready to make a stand because that time is going to come. And no, I won’t be standing with any fascists either.

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