Spinning…and maybe some weaving…

Gender ideology has exploded over the last couple of years and it is only when you bear witness to an online battle you can truly appreciate the level of hostility, stupidity, and downright what-the-fuckery which is raging between the opposing sides fighting for dominance. The gender debate has raged particularly fierce on Twitter, with those on Facebook only recently taking notice of the extent of the absurdity which is taking place under their noses.

Twitter is mostly a cesspit of misinformation, shit information, and openly abusive males. I’ve never been a fan of the place although I do use it and was glad to find a handful of people on there who were provoked by similar issues. I’ve spent the last eighteen months watching the most significant gender apostates get booted off the platform for making some pretty basic statements. Outlandish claims such as ‘men can’t become women’, ‘you’re a man’, and ‘women don’t have dicks’ were cited as being just too offensive. Saying ‘lesbians are same-sex attracted’ has provoked similar outrage amongst the ban-happy moderators yet the males demanding that lesbians accept their dicks as clits on sticks have remained. It’s hard not to see any of it as anything more than raging misogyny.

Spinster was launched within the last month as a response to seeing too many women permanently banned from the Twittersphere. The woman who co-created the platform was recently fired from her job as a software engineer because she wrote a post which expressed her opposition to the current gender ideology. It’s beyond ridiculous she’s been sacked for an opinion which merely challenges an oppressive ideology. But then, women can be remarkably resilient and have a habit of coming back even stronger…as long as we’re not too broken to begin with, that is. Spinster has made the claim it’ll be pro-feminism, support gender criticism, and be a space for women to express themselves and their concerns without fear of expulsion. No doubt it will take some time to see exactly how the platform will be used but for now, it’s created a place of respite for those who are beyond sick of having to censor themselves.

Spinster will be a female-centered and not a female-only platform. Some women have already called for a ban for all men but there is no realistic way to police entry to an open platform. Some are choosing to either block or mute any men which is a great idea for those wanting to focus on hearing the voices of women. Others are already starting the debate on what feminism actually is; something I’ll be looking at more closely myself over the coming weeks. I can certainly see the need for clarification when liberal feminists are in open support of allowing biological males under the umbrella of ‘woman’ and actively promote prostitution and porn as empowering.

My focus will be shifting in the coming weeks. Apart from needing to reimmerse myself in the world of myth and magic, I want to begin looking at the dynamics between men and women and how those differences play out in the real world.

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